Bradley Rickert, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy in Houston and Friendswood, TX

Bradley Rickert, DPT

Brad Rickert, DPT, is the Clinical Coordinator and a highly trained physical therapist at Bowman Physical Therapy in the River Oaks neighborhood of Houston and Friendswood, Texas. He specializes in neck, back, shoulder, hip, and knee injuries and has expertise in neurologic physical therapy.

Brad attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, graduating with a degree in kinesiology pre-professional. He then received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.

He also completed training at Owens Recovery Science to become a certified Personalized Blood Flow Restriction (PBFR) provider.

Brad’s passion for the field was nurtured years ago, as he comes from a long line of physical therapists. A love of sports also drives him. The desire to work with athletes, helping them stay healthy and improve their performance, only strengthened his love of physical therapy.

“The human body is incredibly strong and adaptable. We all have the ability to learn and change after an injury, and there is nothing more rewarding than helping someone return to the sport or activity they love.”

– Brad Rickert

Brad's understanding of the patient's journey is professional and personal. Having experienced injuries, he understands the value of customized exercise and transforming therapy into a fun, successful experience.

He keeps therapy sessions upbeat and encouraging while pushing his patients to work, knowing their challenges firsthand.

Brad is a caring professional who values building relationships and making connections. He talks with each patient, teaching them about their injury and discussing exercise and lifestyle changes that support long-term health.

He puts patients on the path to recovery, using a gradual stepwise approach, promoting activities they enjoy, and motivating them by highlighting the human body’s resiliency. 

Brad welcomes new patients and looks forward to continuing to work with existing patients, helping each one build strength and confidence.