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Our PatientsLove Their Results

"OakBend River Oaks managed Bowman Physical Therapy is a wonderful physical therapy place to go! ...I have no pain currently, and I have been without pain since January 2021 and why I am not coming there now. My original, very painful glutes problem was taken care of in about two months. Then, my neck problems attacked me for several months and all you guys helped me get rid of that pain also. I cannot praise the PT facility and folks enough! Actually, I miss coming there..." Charlene G., Houston, TX
"When I came to physical therapy, I was having pain in my lower back. I had no flexibility and muscle pain. I have been coming here for 3 weeks and I feel very happy because I have no pain like before and have more flexible joints. The communication is amazing between the clinic and my doctor. The customer service is 5 stars plus... ...I would recommend this clinic to anyone who needs therapy or rehabilitation. I'm really happy as everybody is just amazing. I really feel like they put the patient first."Miguel Santiuste
“I tore the ACL in my left knee and had to have it surgically reconstructed. This injury kept me from playing sports or working out with my football and basketball teams. Bowman Physical Therapy helped me regain strength in my knee and confidence toward returning to sports. I feel athletes should definitely go to Bowman Physical Therapy in Friendswood and work with A.J. Lee, especially if they are looking to return to sports.” Mason Peterson
    "...Physical therapy was one of my only options to eliminate the pain and gain back my mobility. I am very grateful to Royce Bowman, the manager/owner, for developing a treatment plan to allow me to function. When I first came, I was losing my balance and falling at times, not able to get up from a sitting/standing position and could only stand or walk for short periods of time. With the help of Royce and his staff, I have pretty much resumed a normal life which enables me to enjoy my grandchild and travel. I am very appreciative!Sylvia Verkerk