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Bowman Physical Therapy can help you Start Feeling Your Best Again

High Quality Healing

You’ll get hands-on treatment in the clinic and education you can take home with you, enabling you to become an active participant in your recovery and future physical health.

Our Philosophy

To be a catalyst for people of all ages to feel their best and live productive lives. We are committed to delivering you a physical therapy experience you’ll be proud to recommend.

Our Mission

To understand your pain and deliver customized physical therapy with a smile for a positive therapy experience. We are committed to help you resume your lifelong pursuit of health, fitness, and well-being.

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It’s All AboutGetting well & Staying Well

  • Avoid surgery

    Each patient receives an individualized home program.

  • Recovery from injury or trauma

    Restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain.

  • Pain management

    Reduce the need for opioids and other pain killers.

  • Manage age related medical problems

    Improve mobility and movement, prevent falls and regain quality of life.

  • Return safely to sports activity and exercise

    Restore range of motion, strength, coordination, power, speed and agility. Restore your confidence.

Our PatientsLove Their Results

“…I pretty much have full range of motion except for a little bit and I am able to do things that I was able to do before. It’s only been about three and a half months since I broke my ankle. So, I highly highly recommend coming here.”Ellie Anderson
“…When I first came to Bowman Physical Therapy, I was losing my balance and falling at times, not able to get up from a sitting/standing position and could only stand or walk for short periods of time. With the help of Royce and his staff, I have pretty much resumed a normal life which enables me to enjoy my grandchild and travel…”Sylvia Verkerk