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Physical Therapy located in Houston and Friendswood, TX

Bowman Physical Therapy

Bowman Physical Therapy is a beacon of exceptional physical therapy. With two locations — in the River Oaks neighborhood of Houston and Friendswood, Texas — its state-of-the-art facilities are home to a highly skilled staff of doctors of physical therapy (DPT), physical therapists, and physical therapy assistants and techs.

Patients often seek help at Bowman Physical Therapy following a sports injury or when they need relief from hip pain, ankle pain, knee pain, or back or neck pain. The providers treat pain anywhere in the body and create customized therapy for gait and balance disorders.

Each person receives integrative care based on the source of their pain. The therapists teach patients about their diagnosis and how physical therapy can promote healing, strengthen the body, and improve function.

At Bowman Physical Therapy, patients benefit from personal attention, skilled physical therapy, and cutting-edge rehabilitation facilities equipped with too many pieces of treatment, rehabilitation, and workout equipment to list.

One highlight is the Dynatron Solaris® Plus, an advanced device that delivers electrical stimulation and ultrasound, thermal, and infrared light therapies. Bowman Physical Therapy is one of the few clinics offering GenuEASE, a device that promotes faster rehabilitation after knee replacement.

Whether patients need manual therapy, neurological physical therapy, or treatments like dry needling, they receive customized care plans based on their diagnosis and unique activity goals.

Call the nearest office or book a consultation online to learn more about the expansive services and compassionate care available at Bowman Physical Therapy.

Helping You Heal Through The Power Of Physical Therapy

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Tailored treatment plans for you
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