physical therapy worth the drive

Physical Therapy Worth The Drive

In News by Brad Rickert

In today’s world, many people are looking for ways to save time and money. When it comes to seeking physical therapy treatment, some people might be tempted to go to the closest facility. However, in some cases, driving a little farther can make a big difference in your treatment. Here are three reasons why traveling 60 miles round trip for physical therapy is worth the effort.

1) The therapist can have more experience treating your specific condition.
2) You’ll likely receive more individualized treatment based on your specific needs.
3) You’ll be more likely to achieve successful results when you’re treated by a qualified therapist who specializes in your condition.

Here’s what Ana Chaves says about physical therapy worth the drive:

“Recently, I had three lower back surgeries because I’ve been having a lot of issues for years and years with my back.

I first met Royce (Bowman) 15 years ago after I had shoulder surgery. Before meeting Royce, I went to physical therapy after surgery and the therapy didn’t do anything.

So, when I went back to see the doctor, there was somebody at that office that told me please, can you get one treatment with Royce Bowman, and you will see the difference.

I was skeptical because I didn’t have results before.

I went to Royce and sure enough, as soon as he started working with my shoulder, he was able to help me put my arm back, which I was not able to. It was wonderful.

Shortly after that, my husband got pain in both of his shoulders. My husband went to successful therapy with Royce. Then, my son-in-law fell at work and damaged one of his rotator cuffs. He went to see Royce.

And we got disconnected all these years.

So, now I had lower back surgery.

I went to two different places for therapy and they didn’t help me. I was still feeling pain in my legs. I went to another hospital doctor and he recommended more physical therapy for me. The doctor told me he thought my leg and back pain were coming from my pelvis area.

With my previous therapists and no results, I didn’t even want to go to any more therapy.

I talked with my husband, and wanted to find Royce again. I called Royce’s previous employer and asked if they knew how I could contact Royce and they didn’t know.

I used Google to find Royce and immediately made an appointment. Now, my husband and I go to Royce again for our therapy.

Everything about the River Oaks clinic is nice and clean with great parking.

In my experience, nobody I’ve used in Houston is like Royce. He goes straight to your pain and finds it. No guessing, right? And he starts massaging or doing the therapy that you need for the pain. You feel the effect right away.

For the first time, last night I was able to sleep better after two years.

And you know, when you’re not able to sleep due to the pain, then your life becomes stressful and you lose hope. Right? That’s why I want to tell people my story.”