Success Stories

Success Stories

On February 22, I missed a step and broke a bone in my right foot. I was non weight bearing for 5 weeks. After that a family friend recommended me coming here.

Since then, I came in a walking boot and I’ve done balancing exercises, whirlpool, ultra sound, strengthening and gait exercises. And ever since then, I have been doing so much better.

I pretty much have full range of motion except for a little bit. And I am able to do things that I was able to do before and it’s only been about 3.5 months since I broke my ankle.

So I highly highly recommend coming here."

Ellie Anderson


Royce, I enjoyed all the folks that work with you. Everybody, including yourself, was so fun, but yet, so professional and effective.

I have no pain currently, and I have been without pain since January 2021 and why I am not coming there now. My original, very painful glutes problem was taken care of in about two months.

Then, my neck problems attacked me for several months and all you guys helped me get rid of that pain also.

I cannot praise the PT facility and folks enough! Actually, I miss coming there. Please thank Brent as he was so very helpful. Brad and all of the gals were terrific also.

Please say, hello, for me to everybody and I wish you all good health, and fun and prosperity to the clinic. Cheers!

Charlene G - Houston TX


I am in my sixties and have severe scoliosis. Surgery was not an option for me because I have a Harrington rod in the upper part of my spine and I am now experiencing a progressive curve in the bottom of my spine.

Physical therapy was one of my only options to eliminate the pain and gain back my mobility. I am very grateful to Royce Bowman, the manager/owner, for developing a treatment plan to allow me to function.

When I first came, I was losing my balance and falling at times, not able to get up from a sitting/standing position and could only stand or walk for short periods of time.

With the help of Royce and his staff, I have pretty much resumed a normal life which enables me to enjoy my grandchild and travel. I am very appreciative!

Sylvia Verkerk


When I came to physical therapy, I was having pain in my lower back. I had no flexibility and muscle pain. I have been coming here for 3 weeks and I feel very happy because I have no pain like before and have more flexible joints.

The communication is amazing between the clinic and my doctor. The customer service is 5 stars plus.

All the services that the clinic provided me, such as hot packs, and e-stim and the exercise program, were amazing.

I would recommend this clinic to anyone who needs therapy or rehabilitation. I'm really happy as everybody is just amazing. I really feel like they put the patient first.

Miguel Santiuste


In January 2020, I  was playing soccer when an  opposing player ran into me causing me to tear my ACL. I had to have reconstructive surgery of my ACL later that month. The very next day after surgery, I began physical therapy with Royce Bowman, PT, A.J. Lee, PT, DPT, and the staff. 

On my first day of PT, I was on crutches and in a full length leg brace that was in a locked position so that I could not bend my knee, my knee was very painful and swollen, I had very little flexibility, and was unable to lift my leg on my own. My goal was to return to playing competitive soccer at a high level. 

I have been working with A.J. for about 7 months now. With the use of electrical stimulation, stretching/strengthening exercises, blood flow restriction therapy, and sports training, I was able to regain full range of motion and strength in my knee. A.J. then progressed me to sports metrics, agility drills, ladder drills, and exercises with the sports cord. 

I have now regained confidence in my knee and have been cleared to return to soccer for my upcoming season. If you are in need of expert physical therapy after an injury or surgery and want to get back to your sport, I highly recommend you come see A.J. Lee.

Korbin McVean


“I tore the ACL in my left knee and had to have it surgically reconstructed.

This injury kept me from playing sports or working out with my football and basketball teams.

Bowman Physical Therapy helped me regain strength in my knee and confidence toward returning to sports.

I feel athletes should definitely go to Bowman Physical Therapy in Friendswood and work with A.J. Lee, especially if they are looking to return to sports.”

Mason Peterson


Every member of the staff gives their clients undivided attention and reassurance during the whole rehabilitation process. This level of attention is extremely important as many clients may be frustrated after months of pain and a lack of progress.

The physical therapists are proactive when clients seem to plateau in their rehabilitation. New methods of strengthening and treatment are always suggested and practiced at the appropriate level.

Also, I have never left a session while feeling discomfort.

The staff always makes sure you feel much better than how you came in, which ties back in with their high level of reassurance.

I have never had such a kind and caring staff than that of Bowman Physical Therapy and would highly recommend others to begin their treatment at their facilities.

Zeeshan Shamsi


Choosing a physical therapy clinic is often an acceptance of your surgeon's recommendation, a counter option is, however, your choice to make.

When I had knee replacement surgery, I negotiated with my surgeon to use Bowman Physical Therapy on Richmond Avenue and this was the best health care decision I could possibly have made.

I did not get a personal therapist though, I was blessed with a whole team of dedicated folk who worked flawless together with care and compassion to meet my goals and shared the joy of progress in my recovery. I was out of there in record time, at three months, I'm taking stair cases painlessly and, with after-clinic instructions, my flexibility increases every week. These are wonderful people doing more than expected with gracious spirits; who could ask for more.

Andy Boyd