Get Back Pain Relief

Get Back Pain Relief

Do you live with an achy back on a daily basis? Are you tired of living with the pain, and of the limitations it places on your life? Regardless of who you are, you can get help. Back discomfort can be caused by many different things. Read on to learn more about what causes back inflammation and how you can beat backaches.

Typical back pain problems 

In our practices, the top three back pain problems would be sleeping, walking, and work issues.

Due to the pain, most patients have difficulty finding a comfortable position to sleep in. So, we modify their sleeping habits to make them more comfortable.

Walking, such as grocery shopping, can become problematic after 15 to 30 minutes. Even daily household activities such as vacuuming, doing dishes, or mowing becomes a challenge.

With work issues and job demands, people often experience soreness after prolonged sitting or lifting. Back pain is the leading cause of work loss and work limitations.


“When I came to physical therapy, I was having pain in my lower back. I had no flexibility and muscle pain. I have been coming here for 3 weeks and I feel very happy because I have no pain like before and have more flexible joints…” – Miguel Santiuste


The difference between back pain and sciatica

Back pain is more of a general term but can include sciatica. Some people have back pain that is centralized to their lower back and nowhere else.

How or why does back trouble occur?

Each person is different. While many reasons contribute to back discomfort, the main reasons are due to sedentary lifestyles and extra weight.

Work posture causes problems, too. Many of us sit at computers and back problems can be years in the making. Sooner or later, you’ll be affected.

Because we don’t focus on posture, a lot of us have decreased strength in our core muscles, including the hips, abdominals, and back extensors.

Poor posture can cause overuse on other parts of your body creating weakness and instability.

What’s the difference between upper back and lower back pain?

Upper back pain refers to the cervical and thoracic spine, where a lot of pain commonly comes from the neck, which can also lead to chronic shoulder issues.

In the lower back, another set of nerves called the lumbosacral plexus, can throb down the back of your leg.

How do I know if my back soreness is serious?

All back pain should feel serious because it can become worse if you neglect the problem. If you have sciatica-type symptoms, you should address those immediately.

How do I relieve back pain today?

You should look into using ice and heat, especially if it’s recent. You want ice to decrease inflammation. When using heat, you want to start doing a generalized stretching program. You really need to get a medical professional or a licensed physical therapist to evaluate you as soon as possible.

How does physical therapy help me relieve an aching back?

Physical therapy should be your first course of action. Relying on painkillers only masks symptoms that point to a root cause.

Even so, physical therapy is not a one size fits all solution.

We look at the individual and discover the root of the back discomfort. It may not be an activity that’s causing pain but might indicate a weakness in your hip flexor back extensors. Also, long-term overuse or wear and tear may lead to back pain.

What’s the best physical therapy treatment(s) for back pain?

Exercise is the best treatment. We want to improve the problem and strengthen or stretch certain muscles, depending on your need, and help you find independence to manage your back pain.