Covid 19 Recovery and Regaining Strength

Covid 19 Recovery and Regaining Strength

You wake up one day after a long illness and all your old habits are gone.

You can’t do the things you once did, can’t walk without a cane, have no energy, can’t read or focus on anything for more than 10 minutes.

How do you rebuild yourself?

What should I be doing for Covid 19 recovery?

Return to any activities that you can within your tolerance and while monitoring your heart rate, respiratory rate, O2 saturation levels, and blood pressure.

Slowly, rebuild your cardiac and respiratory strength and endurance.

What exercises can I do to work on my muscles and my mental health?

Exercises for Covid-19 recovery can be as simple as a few minutes a day on a recumbent stationary bike.

Or,  you can consider a more advanced strengthening program to regain any muscle mass lost while confined to bed or home.

A good first step would be to begin cycling or walking for a short amount of time each day.

After cycling or walking becomes easier you can begin to strengthen your legs and core. You can add squats, calf raises, and abdominal exercises to help rebuild strength needed in the core muscles for good posture.

Posture and core strength encourages proper breathing and respiratory health. When returning to your regular recreational activities, remember to be patient and to set small, realistic goals for your recovery.

“I came here after dealing with painful long covid symptoms. They spent LOTS of time explaining and patiently treating the extensive muscular damage left behind. They come at things from multiple angles and are very knowledgeable. Gave me the tools I needed to continue on at home/my gym” – K Holland

What steps are crucial to rebuilding a healthy, happy life?

It is important to monitor your heart rate, O2 saturation levels, and blood pressure when recovering from any ailment that affects your respiratory or cardiac systems.

Slowly returning to your typical activities is the first step of recovery. In turn, further work might be needed to regain strength or muscle mass lost while sick.

Remember that it is reasonable to need the same amount of time to recover that it took to lose the physical ability in question. Setting small goals helps you stay positive and happy with your progress and recovery.

No matter how low you feel post Covid 19, you can rebuild yourself

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