physical therapy treatments

We provide a wide range of physical therapy treatments to ease your pain and help get back your quality of life.

Manual Therapy – Our therapists use their hands and skills to manipulate soft tissue and joints to decrease pain caused by muscle spasms, tight ligaments, and joint dysfunction.

Massage (soft tissue mobilization)helps relax soft tissue or mobilize scar tissue. Can also help release myofascial “trigger points”.

Ultrasound – uses vibrating sound waves to improve blood flow and healing by warming tendons, muscles and other tissues.

Electrical stimulation – electrodes attached to a patient’s skin for pain management or to increase the ability to contract a muscle. The electrical current can be modulated to many different settings based on what your PT thinks will help you the most.

Moist heat – application of damp heat packs to injured tissues to promote healing, increase the elasticity and promote significant functional improvements.

Cryotherapy – cold therapy which reduces blood flow and inflammation. Can also reduce or prevent swelling in an injured joint or muscles after exercise.

Whirlpool – improves circulation and reduces joint and muscle pain by circulating warm water around the affected area.

Paraffin bath – heated paraffin reduces stiffness, improves circulation and eases joint pain and is used to loosen muscles and joints prior to exercise.

Cold laser therapy – a light therapy which penetrates into tissues to stimulate cell reproduction and tissue healing, which can then also help to reduce inflammation and pain. Read more in our Cold Laser F.A.Q.

Dry needling – the use of dry needles to alleviate pain and movement impairments such as knotted muscles. Read more in our dry needling F.A.Q.

Blood flow restriction therapy – Reverses loss of muscle mass. Improves muscle size and strength without performing heavy resistance exercises. Read this F.A.Q. to learn more about BFR Therapy.

Thermoprobe – Delivers electrical stimulation with either heat or cold for treatment of any ailment that involves muscle spasm, pain or inflammation.

Kinesio taping – a special tape used to support your joints, tendons, muscles while facilitating movement and reducing pain.

McConnell taping – helps reduce unwanted movement due to faulty patellar tracking and decrease pain in your knee.

Torque tables – assists physical therapists and patient in a number of applications. The torque table aids in stretching, muscle isolation, joint distraction, manual spinal traction, and orthopedic special testing. Here’s a video which shows how well a torque table helps your therapy.

Cupping – used for muscle relaxation, localized pain relief, and increase of blood flow in affected areas.

physical therapy treatments