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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy: What Olympic Athletes Know And How BFR Can Help You

In Sports Injury and Pain by roycept

As the 2022 Olympics begin, blood flow restriction received press attention as the “hot new fitness trend”. First developed in 1966 by power lifter Yoshiaki Sato, this “new trend” has transformed the physical therapy industry in the rehabilitation of a wide variety of patients. Blood flow restriction therapy (BFR) is an innovative treatment that has been found to be effective …

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Total Knee Replacement Recovery

In Case Studies by roycept

Total knee replacement recovery requires time, patience, and consistency. We’ve arrived at the third installment of our case study. (Pt 1) (Pt 2) We’re going to look at the challenges during Royce’s left and right total knee replacement recovery. Deciding on a second total knee replacement Both knees were pretty much worn out. The left knee was the worst which …

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Scrutinizing Physical Therapy Myths

In News by Brad Rickert

Physical therapy myths often confuse and discourage people from seeking care. They may not seek second opinions regarding their musculoskeletal health. The reasons range from fear of pain to therapy not working for a friend. We address these myths and encourage you you to find out for yourself by seeing one of our licensed physical therapists. The Physical Therapy Myths …