bowman physical therapy
I was incredibly impressed with everything about Bowman Physical Therapy. I had a total knee replacement on July 26, and they had me finished with PT on August 20. I had my other knee replaced in 2009, and it took about twice as long then to get the same results. Moreover, it was a pleasurable experience. Not only were all of the therapists extraordinarily competent, but they worked as a team to make every session an efficient use of my time. And everyone was cheerful and encouraging. I was glad to be finished, but a bit sad in having to say goodbye to people who had become good friends. In a word, I cannot recommend Bowman PT highly enough.
bowman physical therapy
Hal Watson
I spent the past 3 months doing Physical Therapy at Bowman after experiencing intense lower back pain from an injury. I have been to other Chiropractors but to no full success. Once I got an MRI result in May explaining I had a herniated disc, I was worried, but my concerns vanished once I begun my physical therapy at Bowman. I got the opportunity to be trained and received help from Brad Ricket, Kaitlyn Watson, and Keri Vo who were each amazing to work with as well as the rest of the friendly staff there! Ive come out and am able to move back to university with no back pain, and lots of strength training/ stretching exercises to make sure I never become re-injured again!
bowman physical therapy
Angel Ham
Fabulous experience with Royce Bowman and his superb staff. Extremely knowledgeable, addressed both acute and longstanding issues, very friendly environment and easy parking. Provided materials for doing the exercises at home, too. Wish I would have known about them before. Highly recommend them!
bowman physical therapy
Genie Landon
I have nothing but good things to say about Bowman Physical Therapy! I found them while searching for physical therapists to help me out with some neck issues that I have been having due to technology use. They were the highest rated physical therapists around, and for good reason. Royce and his team (Brent, Kaitlyn, Keri, and Michael) have been nothing short of amazing to work with. They are all extremely knowledgeable, patient, and compassionate. They put together a comprehensive recovery plan for my neck that has provided me with real pain relief. Thank you all again for everything that you have done for me -- you guys rock!
bowman physical therapy
John J.
The best PT I had from knowledge and professional to personal attention and the results speak for themselves! Great great clinic very highly recommended
bowman physical therapy
Tammy Simi
Bowman Physical Therapy has provided the most outstanding services that I have ever experienced!! The services include massaging as well as icing after each prescribed physical therapy session. The staff is experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. It's a great place to receive PT services. I am glad my doctor recommended this facility!
bowman physical therapy
Carolyn Guess
I am pleased to recommend Bowman PT of River Oaks. The entire staff was professional, worked with me according to my ability, pain threshold, and provided a sense of caring and personal investment in my health and recovery from back pain and sciatica. Thank you for good conversation, too. I feel much more comfortable and feel that I can use the various therapies and advice to retain mobility and decrease pain as it may arise.
bowman physical therapy
Laura Lempert
Very friendly, professional, courteous staff with extra attention not seen in large PT facilities.
bowman physical therapy
Vickie Murphy
Was at Methodist before I came here. Too much red tape there and way too much paperwork from the staff. This place is so much better and much more helpful
bowman physical therapy
Thomas Scheer
I came into Bowman Physical Therapy with a severely pulled back. I had previously sought the care of a back doctor but that had less than desirable results. When his solution was a steroid injection in my spine, I thought that physical therapy would be more of a long term solution. I contacted Bowman Physical Therapy River Oaks. Physical Therapist, Royce Bowman, examined me and my range of motion in my first appointment. He also developed my stretching routine. By working with all the Physical Therapy Assistants, I learned different techniques for some of the more troublesome stretches and everyone had the same goal in mind: relieving my back pain, building on the stretches, and teaching me how to continue my therapy at home. Brent, Grace, Kaitlyn, Keri, Glenda, Michael and the other Physical Therapist, Brad, were all informative, attentive, considerate to their co-workers and patients and encouraging. After 33 sessions, I have much improvement! I am mostly pain free - although when I get overly zealous in returning to my “before the back injury” activity, I do have a day of discomfort. However, that discomfort is much less than it was originally and now I know what to do about the discomfort. I know what exercises and stretches to do on a daily basis, when the back flares up and how to move forward to continue strengthening my back. I highly recommend Bowman Physical Therapy to everyone!
bowman physical therapy
Leslie Jostes