Helping Protect You From Covid-19

In News by Royce Bowman, PT, Director

Helping protect you from Covid-19 continues to be the way we’re conducting our physical therapy clinics.

Covid-19 Update:

Regarding the lifting of Texas statewide COVID-19 mandates:

Because the safety of our staff and patients is our top priority, River Oaks and Friendswood clinics will continue to abide by CDC guidelines. We will continue screening all patients and employees. Masks will be required in both facilities.

You can read about our procedures in the following story:

Covid-19 continues spreading though the country and our Houston community.

OakBend Physical Therapy – River Oaks and Friendswood, have been designated as an essential business, and we have extended hours to take care of your physical therapy needs. This includes Saturday hours for the Friendswood clinic.

We do not want your recent or chronic problems to go unchecked. Doing so could lead to complications and unnecessary pain in your medical condition.

While we cannot guarantee against a contagion exposure, we believe both clinics have implemented the best measures possible with the safety of our patients in mind.

You may be wondering what we’re doing to protect you from covid-19 and keep your physical therapy sessions as safe as possible.

We are screening all patients, visitors and employees upon arrival. This includes taking temperatures.protect-you-from-covid-19

  • A temp reading of 99.5 or higher requires you to be re-scheduled
  • All patients, visitors and employees are required to wear masks at all times
  • If you have a cough, shortness of breath, have been exposed to a COVID positive person or have a slight fever, we ask that you re-schedule any future appointments until you have been given a negative COVID-19 diagnosis by your MD
  • We keep our patients distanced as much as possible
  • Equipment is immediately disinfected after each use with Bioesque Botanical Solution (BBS)

Please take comfort in knowing that Bioesque Botanical Solution:

  • Free of bleach and other harsh chemicals
  • 99.99 percent of viruses such as the human corona virus, H1N1, HIV-1 and RSV are killed in one minute
  • 99.99 percent of bacteria such as staph, salmonella, listeria, E-coli and strep are killed in two minutes
  • 99.99 percent of fungi and molds are killed in three minutes
  • Pleasant lemongrass grapefruit scent

Should you have any concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate in notifying any staff member so that we can make the necessary adjustments. Email: [email protected]

Here’s a resource for you to keep safe at home and in the community – CDC Frequently Asked Questions