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Information for patients about your first visit and what to expect.

Thank you for choosing Bowman Physical Therapy.

Your First Visit

No one likes surprises which means prior to your visit, we verify your insurance coverage, co-pay, and deductible amount.

When should I arrive for my first visit and what should I bring?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

In order to make sure your registration process goes smoothly, please have the following information ready when you arrive:

  • Current insurance card
  • Picture ID (valid school I.D., passport, driver’s license, or state I.D.)
  • Any orders/prescriptions the physician may have given you

You’ll complete new patient forms before your appointment. You can get a jump start by printing and completing your patient information and medical forms prior to your appointment.

HIPAA and financial related forms are provided at the time of your visit.

New patient forms

Before your visit, save yourself time by downloading and completing your new patient forms.

Patient Information

Your Medical History

Your Patient Rights

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for patientsWhat should I wear?

Loose fitting clothing which allows easy movement and exercise. If you have a lower extremity pain, shorts work. For women with an upper extremity injury, we recommend a sports bra. Your clothing should allow for easy exposure of your treatment area.

How long does my appointment last?

Expect two hours for your first physical examination. Subsequent appointments last 60 – 90 minutes.

What happens during my first appointment?

You’ll begin by meeting your physical therapist. You’ll always work with the same therapist unless special circumstances arise.

Your therapist conducts a thorough physical assessment and evaluates your pain through verbal questioning. We’ll ask about your background and your job requirements. We’ll form your overall treatment plan.

The immediate goal means helping you with your pain or lack of motion/strength. As you improve, we’ll start looking at work requirements. For example, do you climb ladders, lift more than 50 pounds, or make repetitive movements? Perhaps, you want to walk up stairs pain free or talk a long walk with your grandchildren.

The overall goal means returning you to full function. For example, if you’re retired and your passion is playing golf, we want you to get back to playing golf comfortably. If you’re a blue collar worker who lifts, pushes and pulls all day, we want you to work comfortably without pain.

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Also, during your first appointment, you’ll begin therapy exercises.

Your first visit may consist of but not limited to:

What should I do after a physical therapy session?

  • Avoid doing more than you would normally do
  • Ice the targeted treatment area
  • Continue taking medications as prescribed

What about follow up appointments?

During follow up appointments, you’ll continue treatment. We teach you how to do certain exercises and functions to help regain your quality of life. If we’re treating your child, we’ll teach about your child’s injury and how to help them return to full physical function.

What do I need to do at home/work to help my treatment?

You’ll receive instruction and pictures of your home exercises. If you need stretching bands for exercises, we provide them to you. Also, we carry an inventory of items for sale and advise you about advanced equipment we don’t inventory.

Have questions about insurance coverage?

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