Caitlynn Sutton
“Our bodies are made to move. Our joints and bones respond positively to stresses placed upon them. With movement and stress bones become stronger, joints move smoother, and muscles become stronger. Without movement joints and bones begin to break down and not function properly. This is why I tell each of my patients that any movement is good movement. I hope this is a comforting thought to those who feel so extremely limited by recent injuries, surgeries, or changes in their ability.”
- Caitlynn Sutton, PTA, CSCS, Friendswood


Caitlynn attained a Physical Therapy Assistant degree from San Jacinto College in May of 2019. She completed a B.S. of Fitness and Human Performance at University of Houston – Clear Lake in August of 2016. She’s a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist illustrating her deeper understanding of targeted exercise programming.

She combines the use of modalities, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercise programming to help patients recover from injury and return to their normal life.


Caitlynn’s experience, in some cases, means teaching people to properly relax which is just as important as teaching an exercise.

She helps people by using a combination of joint mobilization and massage relaxation techniques. After breaking the pain cycle and muscle tightness, she helps people strengthen and retrain their bodies.

Compassion and Attention to Detail

Compassion and attention to detail are a part of Caitlynn’s personality which benefits her patients.

She says “I might push someone to correct a movement for their benefit, but I also remember to be understanding when someone is having a hard day.”

She believes “a person’s emotional state can affect their physical well being and performance. This is part of why I think our clients have such good outcomes from therapy at OakBend Friendswood. The positive and healing environment here impacts our patients on both an emotional and physical level.”

“Connection with each client is important to me,”says Caitlynn, “and I make it a point to use compassion in tandem with my encouraging personality.”

Treatment Philosophy

Her treatment philosophy means constantly re-evaluating a patient. This helps her know whether the prescribed exercises are continuing to help the patient to work toward their goals. Her favorite part of being a PTA is watching people reach their goals. Then, move on from physical therapy with the resources and knowledge to return to their standard of living.

Caitlynn says, “Since I was young, I enjoyed an active lifestyle and inspiring others to reach their goals. When I found the field of physical therapy, I felt that it was a natural progression for me to professionally use my fascination with movement to help others recover from injury or improve their functional abilities.”